1. Lazy Days with Jennifer Stozs

  3. Melting Pot

  4. Arch & Point

  5. Maurice “Mobetta” Brown

  6. Maurice “Mobetta” Brown

  7. Maurice “Mobetta” Brown doing his thing during On The Vine benefit

  8. light trails and faces in the crowd. nightlife photography might be a new hobby of mine. awesome time shooting at pink elephant. event hosted by hostess.fm. go figure. 

  9. few more shots taken with a kodak during 4th of july weeknd in the Vin

  10. series of a few shots i snapped  off with a disposable kodak during july 4th weeeknd in martha’s vineyard. wild times with the home team, indeed. i’m lucky to experience such a thing. 

  11. weird being in front of the lens. photo by chase. 

  12. the homie chase

  13. this pic is really deceiving, this was easily the coldest beach day i’ve experienced. these guys were good sports. 

  14. took a trip up to the good old Vineyard memorial day weekend. this is  a shot i snuck of my sister and G man looking at the view of the Aquinnah beaches. pretty breath taking sights if i say so myself. 

  15. clothing by 2 Rich Girls, jewelry by Arms and Armory, photo by Doug Segars